• Vibia @ Euroluce 2017

    Vibia @ Euroluce 2017

    Vibia presented innovative, practical and poetic new lighting families at the most recent edition of Euroluce

  • Slamp @ Euroluce 2017

    Slamp @ Euroluce 2017

    Italian lighting label Slamp is now working with renowned designers such as Studio Job, Mendini and Libeskind.

  • Brokis @ Euroluce 2017

    Brokis @ Euroluce 2017

    Brokis is debuting MACARON, a new collection of striking table lights by designer and Brokis art director Lucie Koldova.

  • Veronese @ Euroluce 2017

    Veronese @ Euroluce 2017

    Veronese's creative director, Ruben Jochimek came up with a luminous idea to use the vast numbers of iconic pieces of Murano...

  • Highlights of Euroluce 2017

    Highlights of Euroluce 2017

    Highlights from Euroluce 2017 by Brink Light.

  • Moooi @ Milan 2017

    Moooi @ Milan 2017

    Moooi hit a home run again with their presentation consisting of different areas reflecting ideas around settings like resorts, restaurants, lobbies, offices, homes and bars.

  • Quasar @ Euroluce 2017

    Quasar @ Euroluce 2017

    Quasar has not missed a single edition of Euroluce since their first participation in 1992. This year most eyes were on the beautiful JULIA family by designer Daniel Becker.

  • Forestier @ Euroluce 2017

    Forestier @ Euroluce 2017

    Forestier showed a lot of the BAMBOO collection at Euroluce. This is their most successful collection and now available in even more colors and sizes.

  • DWC Editions @ Euroluce 2017

    DWC Editions @ Euroluce 2017

    DWC Editions, famous for their Lampe Gras collection, launched three new models and re-editions

  • Stadsnomaden


    Een uniek penthouse in Zwolle, voorzien van prachtige verlichting.

  • Musa @ Vibia

    Musa @ Vibia

    Explore the delicacy of nature which is both strong and powerful in Musa.

  • Butler @ Delta light

    Butler @ Delta light

    A new addition to the Butler series that everybody should see.

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