Sticks  @ Vibia

Arik Levy’s sensational collection of wall and ceiling lights for Vibia were showcased at Euroluce 2019, as part of Milan Fashion Week. Stick’s exciting laser-like lines criss-cross through the space in an energetic display of luminary design at its best. Precise, minimal and beautiful, Sticks create completely personalised compositions that will complement any space.

Flawless Precision
The simple, clean inclines of STICKS, create a beauty of their own, as they zig, zap and zag across the space, cutting through the air like futuristic beams of light, dropping down and then back up again. Silent connections that link disparate spaces and highlight architectural features as they reach down from the ceiling, slink along the walls and stretch up to the sky.

Each versatile module can be used as a wall or ceiling light, in whichever combination you choose. A dynamic, adaptable, minimalist design that adds a refined and exciting touch to any type of space or architectural feature. Lighting that ‘reaffirms the nature of light as an architectural material, but also gives it an unusual dynamism’.
Each aluminium module is finished in black with a polycarbonate diffuser that emits a divine, linear LED light.

Completely versatile, STICKS allows you to put together modules positioned along walls, suspended from ceilings and reaching upwards to meet another, in every direction and any angle possible - all connected in a dazzling, unique composition that lights your space in the exact way that you need.
A wonderful blend of complex cutting-edge technology and innovative, pared-back design. A concept that lets the light speak for itself. And speak, it does.
Yet another sublime, architectural offering from Vibia.


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