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Pallavi Deanhas created an unforgettable collection of masterful ceiling and wall lighting for Artemide. Interweave’s dynamic, warm rivers of light flow freely through the space, building connection and a unique, interactive experience that is completely personalised to you. Sensitive to every one of your design needs, Interweave is a cutting-edge collection of programmable ceiling and wall lighting, that brings flexibility, personality and harmony to any space.

Bold genius

True to her word, in Interweave, Pallavi Dean puts your needs first. Considering your every desire from contemporary luminaries, Interweave leaves no stone unturned. From powerful LED lighting to SMART technologies, ground-breaking design and a concept that propels us forwards, this is intelligent, functional, exciting design at its best.

Interweave’s striking black cylindrical modules allow you to become the author of your space, on your terms alone. Zipping through space, like thoughtful lasers of love, Interweave leaves no-one out. The flexible, soft tubes of powerful LED light thread through the module’s cuts, that are positioned in various spaces along each module’s body, to create stunning, individual compositions.

Free to do what you like

Like the rivers of life, Interweave’s stunning strip of light can be changed, extended, added to or manipulated in an infinite number of ways. The modules too can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, or serve as spotlights. In its flexibility, freedom and open-minded approach, Interweave’s unexpected geometries, twists and turns, build a connection between the user, space and designer, a silent consultation that bridges cultures and differences. Thus ‘it is a light that celebrates connection....and creativity’.

Featuring different-sized modules, fitted with SMART technologies, Pallavi’s intelligent design can be controlled remotely via the Artemide App or Alexa voice control to: react to your presence in a particular way, dim to the precise level of your choice, act as speakers, spotlights and more.

This is flexibility, personalisation and design freedom elevated to new heights. Available in three variants: ceiling, wall and suspension luminaires, Interweave is a sublime, beautiful design that gives you the power to create the lighting experience that you desire- completely. An explosion of epic luminary design at Artemide.



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