Bohemia @ Marset

Joan Gaspar has created an alluring collection of pendant lighting for Marset. Making the most of his award-winning knowledge of materials and design, Gaspar has produced a fresh, collection of captivating pendant lighting - innovative design with a gentle nod to the past. The perfect pendant lighting to add gorgeous, subtle accents to any space.

Pulsating tones

Available in 3 colourways, Bohemia’s generous, sleek composition delivers precise lighting from ceilings or walls. Utilising his expertise, Joan Gaspar’s choice of smooth polycarbonate for Bohemia’s body, because blown-glass would not fit the dimensions, creates something that is instantly different. Bohemia’s unique, curvaceous volumes slide seamlessly from one, to another. A sleek, harmonious, rounded silhouette that delivers precise, powerful lighting exactly where you want it.

Intriguing perspective

Bohemia’s enchanting, translucent warm tones, remain free from definition as they flow downwards to create an alluring interaction between shadow and light. An organic, inviting design that produces a flow of light completely free from any colour-bleed. Exciting, innovative and unique design that creates new possibilities for lighting, whilst paying tribute to the ingenuity of the past. A memorable demonstration of the philosophies that continue to set Marset apart from its competition.

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