Oran @ Kreon

Kreon finds its curves

In a dramatic departure from its usual sleek, geometric style, the Oran family, is Kreon’s first foray into decorative lighting. Oran is a brand new collection of pendant lighting and ceiling luminaries that celebrates its curves. Marking a fresh direction for the brand renowned for its subtle, linear designs, Oran pendant lighting creates unique, versatile compositions that transform a space with precision.


A celebration of proportion

Oran’s body is a tiered sequence of curvaceous shapes that pay homage to the architectural principle of the ‘plastic number’. Available in black, white or pure materials such as bronze, this sensuous, harmonious composition hangs boldly in the space, creating a perfectly proportioned, sleek design that accentuates the area, in all the right places. Making use of nature’s organic curves the elongated, bulbous curves of the mouth-blown, artisan bulb, bathes the space in a warm glow. Fusing the new and the old in so many ways, the Oran’s beautiful, mouth-blown curves are inspired by the complex, natural structure of the Pacific ocean’s Venus’ flower basket sponge, Euplectella aspergillum.

Found in Japanese waters, as well as other areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Venus’ flower basket sponge’s robust, cylindrical skeleton is famed for its remarkable strength, longevity and glassy fibres. Gifted to newlyweds in Japan and revered by many, Kreon brought together modern 3D printing technologies and traditional artisan techniques to create its sensuous, rounded hand-blown bulb.

A reflection perhaps, of its new foray into decorative lighting, a fresh outlook that still retains all the things that we admire about Kreon.
Diffused by the smooth, slightly arched underbelly of the ceiling fixing system’s lower body, Oran’s mouth-blown bulbs are available in two shapes, round or cone, as well as alabaster glass. There is the option too, to add a lampshade. Pendant lighting that marks a new, but natural path for Kreon. A step into the future, that we can be sure, will continue to deliver all that we relish so much about one of our favourite brands. Another wonderfull design by Kreon's in house designer Kristof Pycke.



Venus’ flower basket sponge