Elastica @ Martinelli Luce

Elastica Floor to Ceiling Lighting by Studio Habits @ Martinelli Luce

Studio Habits has created a remarkable collection of innovative floor standing lamps for Martinelli Luce. Taking flexibility to the next level, Studio Habit’s innovative floor to ceiling lights make it possible to have it all – at last. Brightening the space in every way, this wonderful collection of dynamic floor to ceiling luminaries create personalised compositions, that adapt to suit your every need.


Flexible in every way

Bend it, pull it, stretch it, push it, lean it, shorten it, lengthen it – do exactly what you want with it. Like a brighter, lighter, softer and much more fun cousin to the inflexible pillar, Elastica is a fresh, playful and adaptable linear belt of warm, beaming LED light that stretches from floor to ceiling.

Rising from its short cylindrical base, Elastica’s striking coloured ribbon of light brightens by day and glows at night. As the sun sets, pull the innovative strip of light to release the powerful diffused LED light. When the sun rises, pull the ribboned luminaire again, to transform the ribbon back to a divine accent of bright colour, that accentuates the space. Later, as dusk begins to fall, draw the ribbon towards you to emit, then dim, it's impressive, soothing light.

Forward-thinking design

Available in 5 different colours: yellow, grey, black, red and green, Elastica luminaries can be positioned anywhere in a space to create any number of striking compositions.

As we have come to expect, in Elastica, Studio Habits have delivered a forward-thinking design that removes boundaries to create a floor lamp that has no limits. A fresh, stunning floor to ceiling luminaire, with which, you can - do what you like.


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