Unico @ XAL

UNICO is XAL's answer to the demanding needs of modern lighting designer who wants exactly the right light in terms of quality, colour, beam and intensity but without a lumair that is drawing attention.

The UNICO downlight offers the right solution for every requirement. Architects and lighting designers can select between two mounting options, seven design shapes, nine light insets,  three colour temperatures and three control options. All of which can be individually combined. There has never been more choice and possibilities for lighting designers using a single luminaire. Micro-facet reflectors ensures very light distribution with minimal glare.

Downlight lenses generate either round or angular beams and are available in three different emission characteristics. Additionally UNICO offers a rectangular downlight, a 12° narrow beam spotlight as well as a wallwasher lens. The highly anti-glare version (UGR <19), which is ideal for use with computer screens.

In addition to absolute flexibility, the minimal dimensions of UNICO also make it a winning product. The LED insets, with up to 360 lumens, only measure a small 38x38 mm. With the low installation height of 80 mm, the downlight is barely present and therefore can be mounted in a wide variety of ceilings without affecting the aesthetics of the room.