Magical forest in historical Treviso

Italian lighting manufacturer Fabbian is a technical sponsor of the La Loggia Incantata project, set in the historic Loggia dei Cavalieri di Treviso.

Fabbian participates in this project by supplying the lighting for the Loggia and its magical forest, enhancing a dreamlike atmosphere. The Loggia dei Cavalieri dates back to the 13th century and is a treasure of Treviso's architectural heritage, here is the heart of the refined cultural program which ran from November 30th to January 6th. The centre of Treviso was transformed into an enchanted forest; it was the stage of a multitude of events.

Fabbian is commitment to supporting culture, embedded in the company's philosophy is the will and ability to deal with unusual spaces and create emotional dimensions through lighting. This is the reason why Fabbian participates in this cultural project, that aims to enhance the historical city centre through the language of light and design.

Fabbian used the SAYA collection of hanging lamps which create a fascinating illuminated route with thirty hanging lights like modern lanterns. Saya combines artisan skill - glass blown by maestro glassmakers - with contemporary design and technology summarising in a product the history of the place and the contemporaneity of the time in which we live. All products used in this project use LED light sources in favour of environmental sustainability and low energy consumption.