Reflections @ Delta Light

REFLECTIONS is the collective name of 3 new collections, 3 fascinating adventures in lighting design presented by Delta Light for the first time at the Interior Biënnale in Kortrijk. Reflections represent a poetic expression of craftsmanship, light, technology, texture, shape and atmosphere. A bolt move for Delta Light. The three new product families will be available from February 2019.

The Miles collection consists of four handmade glass shapes, in four different colours (pink, amber, smoke or fog). They are recognisable and yet unique in all respects. Each of the four Miles shapes consists of 2 different versions, each with an invisible led source or an E27 fitting that offers the option of choosing either a classic or more striking lamp.

The transparency makes an expanded Miles as invisible as possible. And enabled they show themselves cosy, but stylishly present and stimulate the sensory perception.

The Miles Shapes are specifically designed to shine as a combination. Depending on different heights, they create a majestic and sensual eye-catcher in all their applications, a lush installation of bright and colourful glass shades.

The inspiration for Soiree came from the play of light and shadow in architecture, natural light effects, the shape of common objects and sculptural art. The result is a nest of light, made of both structural and decorative circles or rectangles, which create a seductive light effect.

Even extinguished, they give texture and character to a room or help them thanks to the different variants to define zones in a contemporary way.

The extended Soiree family includes versatile hanging lamps for small and large spaces. Both the round and the rectangular versions come in a variety of sizes and two colours, black or the unique Delta Light Flemish Gold®. Both shapes offer the choice of a milk glass ball in the middle or option of an E27 with a lamp of your choice.

Mello spreads a special sense of intimacy, with direct light on the surface below and at the same time a boost of warmth, elegance and transparency for the space around it. The Mello collection includes two shapes, each available in different versions. All glass is crafted and blown, which is reflected in a tender light and a warm joie de vivre.

Mello L has an elongated, energetic pill form that provides a boost to the whole environment. Its dynamic flair and generous volume bring homage to the atmosphere in a space. Mello R blows a classical form in a contemporary way. This pendant lamp brings poetic and recognisable design elements to new heights.

Mello R is available in 3 and L-version in two formats. All of them are available in pink, amber, smoke or fog colours.