Visit Flos Architectural in Valencia

Last week Studio Brink visited the Flos factory in Valencia with a small group of our clients. We had a lovely time and a very interesting factory tour with an inspiring group of interior architects!

Flos , an Italian brand, has a second factory focussed on functional architectural lighting ( Flos Architectural in Valencia in Spain. Monday when we landed in Valencia bright and early, we dived in the Valencia buzz straight away with a bicycle tour to kick-start our two-day excursion. We toked in the old city and the awesome modern architecture and got to know each other a little better at the same time. There was even a little time for sightseeing and a short visit to the beach before we arrived at dinner, where we were heartily welcomed by the people from Flos.

Tuesday was the factory day. We got a lot of information about the Flos company and their products. We got a factory tour and got to see in detail how the (big!) soft architecture fixtures are produced. Well, we say fixtures, but some of them are more like sculptures! Quite impressive to see and understand how these big elements are being made. The Flos factory in Valencia also houses some other production companies that work for Flos. So it’s a big network with easy access to a lot of production processes. Of course, we also visited the on-site showroom and talked with the R&D department.

After such a busy day there was even a little time to head back to the beach and quickly dip our feet in the water and sip a cocktail before we headed back. All in all, it was an educational and inspirational trip, dotted with sunny holiday moments.