Indeed Office

Together with HofmanDujardin, we made a design for this comfortable entrance space/lunchroom.

We made this space feel warm, comfortable and casual with a custom lighting solution. Because the ceiling was opened up, we used tracks throughout. The area is actually a square with the elevator shaft in the middle. All around this elevator shaft there are storage and display spaces in open shelves. Also, the walls are impressive, decorated with pen drawing prints. The tracks make it possible to accent the shelves and the prints throughout the space with spotlights. By using spots the mood is very different from the offices with even diffuse lighting.


To add warmth and a feature we used big globe bulbs as a decorative element, this brings a homely atmosphere, like a bar or café. This room is an elegant example of how different colours of white light can work together in one space if designed carefully. The meeting space is lit with cooler white light, the spots are neutral white as well, and the bulbs are warmer, more yellow light. This makes the room feel bright and crisp, even when there is lots of daylight too, and at the same time warm and snug.


Location: Amsterdam
Project date: November 2016
Brands: Molto Luce , Rubn, Selux, and specials by Brink Licht
Interieur design: HofmanDujardin
Photo credits: ©HofmanDujardin