Visit Marset in Barcelona

Last week Studio Brink visited the Marset Factory in Barcelona with a small group of our clients. It was an exciting two-day tour with a great group of people!

When we landed in Barcelona, we headed straight to the Marset office and showroom in Barcelona. We had lunch and naturally talked some politics, about the current Catalan situation. Of course, the primary focus was the Marset collection and company! Later we visited the atelier of designer Xavier Mañosa. This small factory in ceramics is where a part of the Marset collection is being fabricated, the Pleat Box, Scotch Club and the new Pu-erh fixtures. Xavier talked us through the whole production process, carelessly juggling the fragile ceramics around. It was quite a spectacle! And it gave a lot of insight into how fixtures are shaped.

We then continued with a lovely dinner in Hotel Alma. Well to be fair many of us finished some drinks in a chic bar after diner as well, enjoying Barcelona at night.

The next day we had an architecture walking tour along modern buildings in Barcelona. Finally, we also had beautiful weather, which was lacking the day before. With some sun, excellent paella and a beach view at Barraca the visit ended Friday afternoon. We felt very happy with the whole tour, the interest from the clients we invited, the agenda Marset had prepared, and not in the least, the fun we had together!

Take a peek into the mind of Xavier as well, through the movie Marset made for the new Pu-erh fixture. And maybe visit Marset sometime in Barcelona!