Limited edition - PH 3½-3

A limited edition of the PH 3½-3 by Louis Poulsen pendant is released because of the celebration of Henningsen’s original light play.

This limited edition features amber-coloured glass and a brass suspension. An exclusive fixture, only available for two months! If you are a design lover, you will need this pendant!

The three-layer mouth blown glass with this beautiful amber tint is a genuine artwork. Each piece is unique and will be an individual artwork for home or workspace.

Her retro look complemented with geometric and organic shapes make it a modern luminaire. Louis Poulsen offers this special edition the opportunity to get a unique copy of the popular PH 3½-3.

The popular 3shade system is invented in 1926, known for its ability to direct the light without blinding. The amber glass combined with the matte sandblasting bottom results in soft, ideal diffuse light. Also, this light fixture is a feast to the eye and will always play a role in the area. The brushed brass suspension system is untreated and will become darker over time.

The Limited-edition PH 3½-3 Amber Coloured Pendant will be available in stores from November 1st to December 31st, 2017.