Lighto @ Parachilna

Barcelona-based decorative lighting studio Parachilna was created out of a passion for luxury, design honesty, and the love for honest materials and craftsmanship. The company recently launched three new collections by superstar designers Jaime Hayón, Neri&Hu and Partisans, comprising wall,- floor-, table- and ceiling lamps, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Wonderboy and Parachilna's long-term collaborator, Jaime Hayón, has designed the LIGHTO family of lamps. LIGHTO was inspired by a “Dejà Vu” image that’s been turned into something completely modern and new. With Hayón’s distinct signature of playful and timeless aesthetic, the lights feature marble bases and super high-end metal tops and bars in a select range of colours. Our favourite is the wall lamp, by placing it upside down, the diffuser becomes a bowl for your personal treasures such as watch, keys or phone.