Bare brick Bachelors pad

Right in the heart of bustling Amsterdam, you can find this cool loft. The bare brick walls combined with an open floor plan adds to the rugged but sophisticated atmosphere. When it comes to this modern Bachelors pad, less is more. Simple means keeping things minimal and uncluttered, easy to clean and easier to use.

Relaxing, clean lines are easy to live with and maintain. First off, a keen eye for manly accents is present, particularly when it comes to the stretched kitchen countertop, which forms a focal point.

A centuries old exposed wall does wonders for the atmospheric mastery. Of course, our interest is focussed on the lighting. We believe it to be a challenge of this design. Spotlights and general lighting both have their merits. Meanwhile, warm hues were applied with minimal shifts in tone. Reserved extravagance is the result of the complementary schemes applied to the floors, fabric, and kitchen.

The fireplace with smokey glass is a brilliant addition; this dashing masterpiece makes this retreat feel like home.

Location: Amsterdam
Project date: November 2016
Photo credits: Ilja Huner