Novelties during Design District 2017

During our visit to the Design District 2017, we have been able to see new, beautiful fixtures.

Element Disc @ Human Scale
Adjustable workplace lighting that illuminates what needs light, which is the workplace.

Living Light
A lamp that absorbs energy by the electrons released during the photosynthetic process of the plant by bacteria in the soil. A gentle rustling of the leaves results in the lightening of the plant. The duration of the light depends on the well-being of the plant. The better the plant goes, the longer you enjoy the light.

Fractal @ Marc de Groot
A fractal is an abstract form that is repeated in several ways. Fractal is a combination of many hexagons in a variety of ways. Available in aluminum and brass and two sizes.

Current Currents @ VANTOT (Esther Jongsma and Sam and Gurp)
This fixture is inspired by electrical power. This essential part of daily life is often eliminated and kept out of sight. VANTOT saw the beauty of electrical power and processed it into innovative luminaires using low voltage. The light sculptures are entirely conductive and at the same time safe to touch.

Quintus @ Ionc living products
With Quintus, Lonc adds lighting to her collection. Quintus is a five-sided luminaire inspired by the traditional Japanese paper lanterns. Available as floor and pendant lamp.

Coco @ Jacco Maris
Coco is a beautiful pendant with little frills. The beautiful translucent material is fully illuminated by the built-in LED light source. Coco is a co-creature with guest designer Wesly Boom.