Veronese @ Euroluce 2017

Veronese's creative director, Ruben Jochimek came up with a luminous idea to use the vast numbers of iconic pieces of Murano glass in Veronese's archive room.  Jochimek contacted Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, to create unique chandeliers with these forgotten treasures of almost nine decades. The pieces in a rainbow of sparkling colors and textures were used as replacement parts or for restoration projects.

World famous for using waste, scrap, and residual materials to design furniture, Piet Hein Eek was the explicit preference for Mr. Jochimek to collaborate with. Together they created a design concept called PAST & FUTURE, consisting of several moving elements that can be mixed and matched to set up and adapt a chandelier, over and over again. Each product will include Murano glass pieces handpicked and positioned, like flowers for a bouquet, by Piet Hein Eek, from the Veronese storage rooms. Once a chandelier is installed, one can simply move the Murano glass elements around and choose new patterns – extending the creative process.

BIJOU BIJOU is the name of the collection of lighting jewels by Laurence Brabant. Shapes are customizable by combining keys, cages and other metal forms. Glass elements in diamond, baguette or marquise shapes allow everyone to create a unique lighting piece, formed by their imagination.

Dan Yeffet created HIGHLIGHT: A collection of modern floor and table lamps that beautifully combine Murano glass and marble.

ORB is designed by Patrick Naggar, Orb is a minimalistic yet luxurious family of table and floor lamps focused around a large blown glass.