TossB @ Euroluce 2017

It has been an inspirational year for TossB. A whopping 12 new families were introduced. All bearing the TossB signature and design philosophy of 'less is more'.

Among our favorites was TRIBES, spired by the ‘Calumet’, those sacred pipes that are smoked by the indigenous tribes of North America. Tribes is a family of pendant luminaries with a very graphic and minimalist design and is equipped with two direct and one indirect LED spot modules.

THIN is a bolt and archetypal silhouette that offers a very distinctive yet familiar presence.

TUBA is a minimalistic family of surface mounted downlights and is available in 3 different sizes.

SLICE is a compact LED spot lamp with minimal yet unique characteristics. The tubular body of the spot is cut on its side, revealing its heat-sink and enabling the lamp to efficiently cool down.

BOW design is about gravity and balance, combined with the arch.

ROUND CONTROL is designed as a ceiling- and wall surface mounted system. During the installation, it can be adapted to any architectural concept due to countless variations in the design.