Moooi @ Milan 2017

Exploring the world of interiors, the Moooi 2017 presentation consists of different areas which all have their own practical appearance reflecting ideas around settings like resorts, restaurants, lobbies, offices, homes and bars. With hospitality in mind, Moooi created an atmosphere of exceptional attention & dedication. Visitors were made to feel special, comfortable and understood.

Levon Biss’ Microsculpture series photography added the WOW factor to Moooi’s presentation of new product lines,  Biss' large scale pictures prove that no detail is ever too small, that even the tiniest of things can have a dramatic impact. This series of beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of insects from the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Exciting new lighting families were launched as well as some new members of existing families. New are Perch Light, Luna Piena, Busk Lamp, Non Random 2, Meshmatics and T Lamp.