Vibia @ Euroluce 2017

Vibia presented innovative, practical and poetic new lighting families at the most recent edition of Euroluce.

GUISE, by Stefan Diez, a collection of lights that transforms its materiality into the medium of the light itself;

The outdoor collection JUNE, by Emiliana Design Studio, including suspended and table top lamp versions that provide a versatile lighting feature for summer celebrations;

The concave curves of MUSA, by Note Design Studio, a collection of wall sconce, table and floor lamps that combine hand blown opal glass and feminine reflective surfaces;

A new version of NORTH, by Arik Levy, a hybrid pendant/floor lamp that deconstructs its elements bringing light precisely where it’s required;

Timeless contemporary classic PALMA, by Antoni Arola, that combines hand blown spherical diffusers with metal strap plant holders;

STRUCTURAL, by Arik Levy, a collection of lights that inhabits the junctions of walls and ceilings in an architectural sculpture;

TUBE, designed by Ichiro Iwasaki a suspended light fitting composed of screens connected to the ceiling by tubular support structures;

FINE by Maurici Ginés and Victor Vinyamata, a collection of wall lights that creates light and shade effects through its geometric forms;

DUO is a collection of ceiling lights by Ramos & Bassols expressed in warm organic forms provided by a wood interior;

TEMPO by Lievore Altherr a collection of 3 archetypical lamps within a single system that provides combinations of direct and indirect lighting.