Noctambule @ Flos

NOCTAMBULE is a design by Konstantin Grcic for Flos .

Noctambule means 'night owl' or 'reveller'. Mostly invisible during the day, but coming to glamorous activity at night- time. The analogy is fitting. The new collection of lamps is made of blown glass modules, which are see-through and therefore almost inexistent at day-time. But, when you switch them on in the dark, they transform into gorgeous, illuminated lamps. The cylindrical glass modules of NOCTAMBULE set the basic grammar of the collection. The single module is a lantern. Several modules stacked on top of each other create a light column or suspended chandelier inside a stair well. Extra elements such a glass dome or cone shaped head allow for added performance such as a floor standing uplighter and pendant.

NOCTAMBULE's carefully calibrated LED technology which powers the lamps is discretely integrated into the junctions between the glass modules. Almost absent, but ready to be activated at any (night-)time.