Infinito & Flash @ Davide Groppi

The INFINITO and FLASH projects by Davide Groppi are all part of a system. It’s a system that breaks down the actual lamp and light source, turning it into something else, leaving only a trace, a line and then not even that. It becomes, finally, a concept: light only.

This project pays homage to the art of Lucio Fontana and his spatial concepts. A thin strip of metal “cuts” the space to produce indirect and direct light. The graphic force of this system is surprising.

It can be integrated into space, but at the same time, it becomes part of that space.

FLASH is simply INFINITO turned around, creating direct light that flows downward from the light source. The stainless steel strip, 9 mm in width, can be stretched up to 12 m in length. FLASH is the ideal solution for direct illumination of spaces with very high ceilings. FLASH pays homage to the famous comic book superhero of the same name who can run seven times the speed of light. 

66 / 132 W LED - 7200 / 14400 lm - DALI - PUSH - 1 / 10 V DIMMABLE