Butler @ Delta light

Delta Light has launched exciting design collaborations with world-renowned architects OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), versatile designer-artist Arik Levy and International award-winning lighting designer Dean Skira. In Milan, Delta Light collaborated with each of these designers on the scenography of their new design. These unique, one-off spaces provided the perfect backdrop for their latest creations. 

Arik Levy presented new additions to the Butler line. The inspiration for the BUTLER collection was a coincidence of different elements and a physical metaphor. On one hand, it’s a reinterpretation of a well-known archetype, the classic lamp shade as we have known it for many years. The coincidental element came from Arik cycling through Paris years ago, passing by a big pile of folded paper, used to create the well-known plissé fashion classics. For the occasion of Milan Design Week 2017 new extensions of the Butler range were presented in a botanical setting. 

BUTLER STRAP is a light application that fits our daily actions and changes in the way we want to do things. The product can adapt to any vertical surface, trees, pillars, architecture or anything else we can wrap its strap around. 

BUTLER FLOOR TRIPLET is a group of Butlers mounted on one base like growing mushrooms. They are connected to one source which facilitates the installation of the product. 

BUTLER CHANDELIER is the one and only unique outdoor chandelier. The lights are set into a smart profile that carries the electricity and holds the light heads like a crown in the air; its weight acting as a self-balanced core. 

Other products in within the BULTER collection: