BOOM #1, a piece of nature in your home

BOOM is a young and creative design company. Officially launched in April 2014 and founded by good friends Erwin Slierings and Rob Deckers. They stand for high quality products that are made in a sustainably way.

Erwin is the designer of the BOOM lights. He noticed that there are hardly any untreated wooden designer lamps without shades. It is the natural look, no additions at all, that make the Boom lamp desirable. Rob is responsible for the whole production process. He is very handy and he has the materials and space to produce the lamps. The combination of Rob's technical knowledge and Erwin's marketing background could be the key to success.

BOOM #1 is the first lamp by BOOM Design. By keeping the trunk in its natural shape, the lamp is majestic yet serene. The lamps are made from teak wood. This type of wood is durable, strong and not too heavy. The wood is stained in order to protect it from external influences. The dimensions of the Boom suspension lamp are: ∅15-20 cm x 100-110 cm.

The BOOM lamp weighs 10-15kg and is mounted with minimal steel wires. The wire disappears into the lamp. The lamp contains 12V warm white LED. Boom#1 comes with a driver and remote control to dim the light. This makes it suitable for different kinds of spaces. offices, restaurants or private homes, you name it! At this moment is BOOM #1 is the only lamp by BOOM design, but there are other designs in development.